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Gravel Driveway Tucson repairs and reconditions gravel driveways by regrading, restoring and refurbishing existing driveways. We also grade and install new driveways.

We do quality work, the right way, and we do it affordably and correctly. Located in Tucson, Arizona, we resolve gravel driveway and road maintenance and pothole problems.

  • Residential Driveways
  • Commercial Driveways and Roadways
  • Parking Areas
  • Roads
  • Cemetery Roads
  • Golf Courses
  • Commercial Parking Areas
  • Commercial Gravel Yard Lots

Being environmentally-responsible, we will regrade your driveway and reclaim the gravel by rolling and compacting it down so it makes a good solid base.

The goal is to rebuild your driveway without having to bring in new gravel.

Driveways in the desert need to be maintained and kept up to withstand monsoons. Over time, our heavy rains cause runoff and erosion. Monsoons are especially hard on driveways because the water doesn’t soak in, or perk, and therefore causes a lot of damage, making driveways unstable.

Depending on the condition of the driveway and the damage from runoff and erosion, sometimes it may require a yard or two of gravel to fill in the gaps.* An expert from Gravel Driveway Tucson will assess your driveway, and tell you what needs to be done.

We will fully repair, recycle, restore, compact and smooth gravel driveways, gravel lots, and gravel parking areas. In just hours, we will achieve outstanding results!

At Gravel Driveway of Tucson, we offer the best gravel driveway, gravel parking area, pothole and rut repair systems for gravel driveways and surfaces in the market.

If you need a gravel driveway installed, or your current driveway restored, mail us at Or fill out the form below.

We offer professional-grade surfacing at affordable prices! By using your existing gravel, we grade the surface to manage water run off and erosion in order to extend the life of your driveway.

Gravel Driveway Tucson
Gravel Driveway Tucson

How do we do it?

The Gravel Driveway of Tucson system is a revolutionary process in gravel driveway and parking lot surface restoration. Our method captures existing stone and then levels and restores unpaved or paved roads, driveways, parking areas, and other gravel surfaces.

Repairs last longer than filling potholes and ruts with more gravel or just scraping the surface. Our unique system completely removes potholes, ruts and corrugations (wash-boarding) leaving a smooth, compacted surface. Existing gravel is reused / recycled to save purchasing new material.

Do you have a gravel driveway, road or parking lot overrun by potholes and ruts? Are you looking for an economical and effective way to repair your driveway or parking lot?

Call Gravel Driveways for Tucson for a quote to repair and restore your driveway or road.

Gravel Driveway Tucson — We are local to Tucson

The Gravel Driveway of Tucson system uniquely recycles, levels, grades, and restores your unpaved surface. Our method is environmentally-friendly, economical, fast and highly maneuverable.

Potholes, ruts and corrugations are completely removed from gravel roads, driveways, commercial, industrial and municipal locations.

Lasting pothole and rut repairs for gravel driveways and road surfaces require a thorough approach including scarification (not scraping), grading, proper elevation for crowning, high quality gravel products / aggregates, surface compaction, and a complete drainage plan to minimize future issues.

Our experienced technician will come out to restore gravel driveways, gravel roads, gravel parking lots…and remove potholes, ruts and washboards.

Commercial Driveways, Parking Areas and Gravel Lots

Gravel Driveway of Tucson delivers a unique restorative solution to driveway maintenance. We are a cost-effective solution and time efficient, with no interruption to your commercial activity. Green technology at its very best! Remove, recycle and restore – economical surface restoration made easy!

We will meet with you, assess the situation, discuss the issue, and provide a solution.

*Generally, additional stone is only required for severe circumstances.